Animals at IMMS make Christmas wish lists

Humans aren’t the only ones sending letters to Santa this Christmas season.

The marine animals at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport have penned the big man in red asking for some toys.

The ‘Seasons of Giving’ program at IMMS allows anyone to help make their favorite aquatic animals’ Christmas wishes come true this holiday season.

The dolphins, sea lions, and birds at IMMS have asked for some toys that help them stay mentally and physically stimulated.

All the toys from the animal’s letters to Santa are linked to a wish list on Amazon. Anyone can then buy a toy from the list and it will be automatically sent directly to IMMS and given to the animal that wished for it. Marine Mammal Trainer Brittaney Caylor said, “So some of the toys like for sea lions and dolphins we do boat fenders, basketballs, some of them get soccer balls. One of our dolphins got a jumbo duck. He loves it. It’s one of his favorite things. And then some of the fun stuff for birds– they can have different wooden blocks or other toys they could use to shred and kind of engage them. So, they can kind of forge, I guess, for food. We can hide things in there and it kinda gets them mentally stimulated.”

To see the animals’ letters to Santa and to send a Christmas gift to them visit and click on the ‘seasons of giving’ tab.

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