Amtrak Tour to Stop in Biloxi

The City of Biloxi wants to convince Amtrak to have a stop in Biloxi and in February, they’ll have that chance.
Amtrak and the Southern Railway Commission have announced a tour of the railway between Jacksonville, Florida and New Orleans with a stop in Biloxi on February 18th. The tour will feature elected officials, industry representatives, community leaders and federal stakeholders. When that train rolls into Biloxi, Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich wants residents to come out, cheer, yell and show these visitors why an Amtrak stop in Biloxi is a good thing.
He tells News 25 the potential for a stop here means more big business for the city. “More visitors, more fans at the ball park. Just an easier way to get here. Without a great deal of an expense, we can make it happen,” said Mayor Gilich.
If you’re interested, the train will stop in Biloxi around 11 in the morning on February 18th.[mappress mapid=”2118″]

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