Amtrak Passenger Rail Service Could be Coming Back to the Coast

“All Aboard” could be a cry heard once again along South Mississippi cities that is if Federal officials get on board with a drive to bring passenger rail services back to South Mississippi.
It’s been just over a year since an Amtrak vintage train stopped overnight in Gulfport’s Jones Park as part of a private tour. Could this old style form of transportation roar back to life once again along our Gulf Coast? It’s possible as Coast leaders rally to revive a passenger rail service in our area.
The coast hasn’t seen passenger rail service since Katrina, which had a route stretching from New Orleans to Jacksonville. Reviving this old path is just one possibility as studies get underway to lay the ground work for infrastructure needs should the federal government get on board with restoring the passenger rail service here.
An Amtrak re-authorization proposal is in the Senate and could see committee vote next week. Also, the Southern Rail Commission started a petition in an effort to bring the rail back.
Once the studies and infrastructure assessments are complete, the federal government will have the final say on the project and federal money would be used to subsidize the project.
If you’d like to see the passenger rail make a comeback on the Coast, you can visit to find out more information and sign the petition.

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