Amtrak kicks off public safety awareness campaign on the Gulf Coast

Officials from Amtrak, the Southern Rail Commission, and other state and local transportation officials kicked off a public safety awareness campaign called ‘Operation Lifesaver.’

It’s educating the public on safety measures and safety awareness near Amtrak trains.

The campaign started off at the Amtrak stop in Pascagoula and made a stop in Gulfport. It has been more than 17 years since Amtrak trains have been on this route and the public needs to continue to be safe along and in the vicinity of the railroad tracks and train platforms.

Amtrak trains tend to be smaller, lighter, and faster than freight trains, but all trains need hundreds of yards to stop from track speed, even with emergency braking. Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari said, “People are excited and we have their attention. We want to make the safety message very clear. Be careful along the tracks, don’t be playing on the tracks. Don’t be doing selfies on the tracks. Don’t be thinking it’s a good place to take a nap because it is not.”

Amtrak passenger trains are expected to be in service sometime this year. An exact date has not yet been announced.

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