American Red Cross packs up after Nate

Now that Hurricane Nate has come and gone that means it’s time for the American Red Cross volunteers to pack up the hurricane shelters.
The American Red Cross says they had 18 different shelters across the Gulf Coast ready for families who were in need of a place to stay and ride out Hurricane Nate.
Thousands of food and toiletry supplies were left over from these shelters and now they’re packing up and sending some of those supplies to organizations and groups that are in need.
Angie Grajeda with Disaster Services said, “We’ve donated to several different organizations actually today. We shared the food with 12 Baskets, which is a local nonprofit that runs food banks through Catholic charities. We’ve also worked with the Brenda Williams Food Bank out of Pentecostals of the Gulf Coast. Salvation Army was out earlier today and picked up some items as well.”
Organizers said the American Red Cross always prepares for the worst and hopes for the best by stocking for full capacity shelters. They say they were grateful none of the shelters exceeded their limits.

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