American Red Cross faces new challenges

Hurricane season is quickly approaching and for the American Red Cross this year will pose more challenges than ever before.

The American Red Cross doesn’t stop even though there is a global health crisis. The way they operate just has to be adjusted to fit with new COVID-19 safety protocols.

The Red Cross has been helping people who were affected by the Easter Sunday tornadoes and the tornadoes that hit the areas in the following weeks.

There were over 1,400 homes destroyed or that had major damage in Mississippi and Alabama.

Instead of being able to put displaced people into shelters like they normally would, the Red Cross had to put people without homes directly into hotels due to COVID-19.  John McFarland with the Southeast Mississippi Chapter of the American Red Cross said, “We had to take people directly into hotels and deliver breakfast, lunch, and dinner directly to them in the hotel and make sure they were observing all of the COVID restrictions and provide them with masks and hand sanitizer. We had to do the same for our volunteers. It was a challenge to do it and it is something we have never had to do before. We could very well be facing the same limitations come hurricane time. So, that is what we are trying to prepare for now. “

The Red Cross wants to stress to everyone to have an evacuation plan ready to go in case of a storm. The more people they have to put in hotels, the bigger financial and physical strain it puts on the Red Cross.

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