The America Makes a Stop in Pascagoula

The only existing replica of the original schooner that started the America’s Cup tradition in 1851 has embarked on a voyage around the country as the official ambassador of the America’s Cup. The America made a stop in Pascagoula. News 25’s Kristen Durand takes us aboard.
In 1851, the America was built to showcase American naval architecture at the first World’s Fair and went on to beat the British in a race to win a trophy that we now know today as the America’s Cup. Captain of the America Troy Sears said, “Then it also started the longest winning streak in the history of sports at 132 years. The Cup has been defended 34 times and the 35th defense will be next year in Bermuda.”
Now a replica of that vessel is in Pascagoula, before moving on to Mobile. Tours of the 139 foot yacht are open to the public at each port on their journey. It’s the boat’s first time in Mississippi. “It’s also our first time that we’ve been able to truly appreciate Southern hospitality. It’s been amazing. The reaction here, the support we’re getting here. Everything’s been humbling just how genuine everyone has been in welcoming us here,” said Captain Sears.
In its time, 166 years ago, the America was the fastest racing yacht in the world and is the oldest international trophy in any sport. “So, it’s older than Wimbledon, nine years older than the British Open. It’s the oldest international trophy in any sport,” said Captain Sears.
It even served as an educational experience for some local students.

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