AM Vets Aims to Help Local Veterans

A local group of veterans are doing their part to make sure veterans on the coast are taken care of.
AM Vets, or American Veterans, is one of America’s leading service organizations working diligently to provide help for veterans. Tonight, the very first AM Vet organization in Mississippi met to swear in veterans.
Unlike other veteran organizations, AM Vets is open to all branches of the military, regardless of whether or not they have served in combat.
Jim Ski, Commander AM Vets, said, “ A veteran has plenty of resources for help but sometimes the spouse and the children have no resources and have no way of accessing what resources are available. So we plan to be there for that. Provide the information they might need and also to help on a peer to peer basis.”
AM Vets are also set apart from other organizations because they don’t just help the veterans themselves; they provide money and resources for their whole family.

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