Allen Beverages celebrates 75 years of business on the Gulf Coast

Allen Beverages, a family business that’s been alive for three generations, is now celebrating their 75-year anniversary.

Locally owned and operated, Allen Beverages is celebrating 75 years on the Gulf Coast. Allen Beverages Incorporated was founded in August 1947 by Cleve Allen as the Pepsi distributor for South Mississippi and their first delivery followed just a month later.

Keeping it in the family, this business is like a hand-me-down that never goes out of style. Allen Beverages President and General Manager Andrew Allen said, “We’ve made it three generations, my grandfather started it in 1947, so it’s kinda a big deal, especially it gives you a lot of pride to know that there’s still family members that are involved, you know, you’re actively involved in a business. So, it’s like you’re taking care of something that has been passed down to you. So, it’s a big deal.”

With Allen Beverages being locally owned and operated, they’ve been a part of the Gulf Coast for quite a long time. One thing they take a lot of pride in is giving back to their community that has given them so much. “All the way back from my grandfather and my dad included in that, giving back to the community has always been something very important to us. We always try to do the best we can to give as much as we can whether it be product, whether it be donations, whether it be everything like that.”

Allen Beverages has supported several organizations and events like the Humane Society, Feed my Sheep, Salvation Army, Boy Scouts, and so much more.

The thought of giving back is always in the minds of the Allen family, especially when realizing the community is the back bone of the business. Sales Development Manager Grace Allen Gauci said, “We’re just very excited to have been around for 75 years and honestly we couldn’t have done it without you know the support of our customers and our community and we really wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for them.”

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