All Combat Jobs Open to Women

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced today that women will now be able to join in all combat jobs.
This decision ends a three year period of research and debate about how women should be integrated into military positions. Carter says as long as women qualify and meet the standards, they can contribute to missions in ways they could not before. This ruling includes the Navy SEALS, Army Special Forces, other special operation units and the Marine Corps infantry, a force many service officials wanted closed to female service members. Marine Corps veteran Samuel Alspaugn said, “If they qualify and they meet the standards then they’re just as good as the guy next to you because that’s what it’s about is having each other’s back and as long as the women or whoever can make sure they qualify and they got you then that’s what’s important.”
The armed services will have until January 1st to submit plans to make the historic change. Those plans will be put in place by April 1st.

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