All aboard Mississippi Aquarium’s eco tours

The Mississippi Aquarium has a new weekly program that will connect guests to habitats that require conservation.

Starting today, guests can climb aboard the Clipper, a 75-passenger boat at Ship Island Excursions in Gulfport and enjoy a 90-minute cruise with Mississippi Aquarium to learn about the wildlife and unique ecology of the Gulf of Mexico and the conservation work being done by scientists.

Dr. Holley Muraco, director of research at the Mississippi Aquarium, tells News 25 these tours will help inspire action through education. “What we’re going to do is connect people to this amazing place we live in. I think a lot of people take the Mississippi Sound for granted and the best way to really teach people about it in person.”

Tickets for the tour start at $24.95 and $22.45 for members. Tickets can be purchased online at

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