Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team performs at Keesler

Today the nation’s most elite honor guard performed in Biloxi.

The members of the Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team can’t afford to miss a beat because if they do it could be deadly. Senior Airman Ira Hall said, “It gets to a point where you don’t worry about hurting yourself or the person next to you. It builds a very, very strong trust between us like I never worry about getting hit or anything because I know that the person who is tossing the weapon next to me is just as good as I am.”

The Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team is the nation’s most elite honor guard. Today, they unveiled their 2019 routine at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi. Senior Airman Neriah Guerin said, “It’s just exciting after a while. You know, your first couple of drills, you are very nervous. You get tense. You cramp up, but after a while it’s just like how big is the crowd this time? It gets more and more exciting every time you do it.”

The crowd of airmen went wild for the routine, many of them calling the performance inspiring. Airman Gibson said, “It is really interesting to see these people do all of these things, they are the same rank either two pay grades above me or the same and to see them like heroes and have them be the same type of person in the same force is really awesome.”

Which is what Senior Airman Neriah Guerin always wanted: to inspire others through his work on the drill team. “A lot of people come into drill team not knowing it exists, but I’ve been doing this a long time professionally and I did come into the Air Force wanting to do this specifically.”

Up next, the drill team will be performing their routine throughout the country.

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