AG’s Meet in Biloxi to Ensure Digital Safety

The US loses more than 750,000 jobs and 250 billion dollars due to theft of music, literature, and other artistic works created by independent individuals. There’s one thing that links this crime to just about every other crime committed in the nation. Technology.
“Almost every case now; murders, drug cases all of them. They have at least one device. Be it a cell phone, whether they’ve been texting or emailing about a crime or a laptop. All of those things are involved and they have to be forensically examined”, said Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood.
Eleven Attorney Generals from around the nation attended today’s summit hosted by the National Association of Attorney Generals.
All convening to stop a type of crime that doesn’t discriminate.
“These crimes know no geographic boundaries. That’s why it’s so important for attorney generals from across the country to come together to talk about these crimes. They can have a crippling impact on the economy because of the potential for job losses”, said Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.
With the growing world of technology, it can be hard for law enforcement officials to keep up. A large part of today’s summit was teaching them not only to keep up, but how to stop online criminals in the future.
It is a learning curve out there for law enforcement. But By working with our universities, they’re making it easier for law enforcement to download information so we can handle cases.
Law enforcement also looks to experts in the field to handle technology related crimes beyond their comprehension.
“Well it’s important to not only educate ourselves, but to insure that we have people in our offices, people that we know how to contact that are good resources of information.”

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