Afroman Punches Woman on Stage at Kress Live; Issues Apology

Joseph Edward Foreman, better known as Afroman, put on a free concert at Kress Live in downtown Biloxi, but concert goers got more than they bargained for. The show came to an abrupt halt after Foreman struck a female on stage while an audience member caught it all on camera.

Hundreds looked on as Afroman struck a female fan during his show Tuesday night. Mardi Gras is a time to let the good times roll, but according to witnesses, the long day of reveling may have had its toll on the crowd. Dustin Polovich, a concert goer and witness, says, "They kind of just started disrupting his show and throwing things at him, jumping on stage. He warned a few people who jumped up there to get off the stage."

As the concert went on, the crowd became more active. Multiple people climbed onto the stage, including one woman, who seemed to catch him by surprise. Polovich also says, "He was uncomfortable anytime someone got on stage or got near him. You could tell it was starting to bother him and I think that’s what happened. He didn’t know how to react."

The video of the incident has already been seen by tens of thousands on the internet, but the more people watch it, the more questions they seem to have. Just why did he do it? What possible legal defense could he have? Should the venue have done more to protect concert goers? Michael Crosby, a local attorney, says, "It’s foreseeable in a situation like this that people will get on the stage, everything from a famous case with the Rolling Stones where they provided their own security and it was a disaster because someone was actually killed, all the way down to cases like this."

Witnesses tell News 25 that security was present at the event, but were uncertain as to why they didn’t intervene on stage. Afroman was removed from stage and later arrested, but the spirit of Mardi Gras had left the building. Polovich closes, "They immediately put another band on stage and kept the music going, but I think at that point everyone was upset and didn’t know what to think about it. People slowly started leaving."

Kress Live has released a statement about the incident, saying they have a zero tolerance for violence. They say: "Kress Live had normal security procedures in place for this event. In no way were there any contractual breaches on behalf of Kress Live. We in no way condone these actions. Afroman acted independently and has apologized to management for his behavior."

Afroman has checked himself into anger management and he released this apology Wednesday on TMZ: “I apologize for my actions. Right now, I’m trying to get it done. I love my fans. I go early each day to meet and greet them. You know, on stage, you don’t know what they’re doing, you don’t know what’s gonna’ happen next and I’m just trying to do my job and I thought it was that guy, and man, I turned around and man…”

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