Advocates for Freedom hosts volunteer training

On Saturday, a local organization helped train and teach volunteers about the dangers of human trafficking.

Susie Harvill, founder and CEO of Advocates for Freedom, taught the three hour seminar covering all the information and skills a volunteer of the cause needs to know.

Harvill broke down how human trafficking organizations operate, how to spot recruiting victims, and shared some of her experiences as a volunteer.

All volunteer trainees were provided material to take home to help remember what was taught in the course. Harvill said, “We have good, strong PowerPoint presentations with facts and information and, as you can see on this table, a lot of back-up information that we want them to have that empowers them to be knowledgeable in an easy few hour training. And then they can go out and they can tell others and teach others. And you know if you train a trainer, you got it because they’ll train others. That’s what we’re looking for.”

For more information on how to become a volunteer or get involved with the organization go to

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