Adopt or foster in the midst of kitten season

Right now is the purrrfect time to adopt a shelter pet. We’re in the mid-Kitten Season and as our summer temperatures begin to rise so does the number of cat litters brought into our local shelters every day.

To help encourage adoption, the Humane Society of South Mississippi is still hosting “Friday Feline Frenzy,” one more time this Friday, June 26th to close out the month of June.

All adult cats are $5 and kittens are $15. Development Director Katie King gives us some tips if you find a stray litter in your community. “Just wait and watch because their mom might be around, you just might not see her at that time. So wait and see if she comes back to them. Or what you can do is actually spread some flour around them and see if she comes back to them; you can see her footprints through the flour. It’s really best that the mom take care of them, rather than immediately bringing them to the shelter because she can give them the best care they need when they’re that small.”

King also advises owners to spay and neuter their pets.

The Humane Society is also offering  $50 spay and neuter special for all public dogs as well as a $20 micro-chip and rabies vaccine to prepare for hurricane season and the Fourth of July holiday.

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