Additional Waters Open for Shrimpers

Good news for shrimp lovers, whether you eat them or trawl the waters. That’s because the harvest is sure to get bigger and better since the DMR opened up additional waters for shrimping today. News 25’s Laurene Callander hit the docks early this morning and shows us what it means to those who like to eat shrimp and those whose livelihoods depend on them.
While many shrimpers were out trawling the additional waterways opened by the DMR this morning, some shrimp lovers tried their luck at the docks, hoping to reap the economic benefits of supply and demand, netting a deal on today’s harvest as the new fishing waters promise an abundant catch and more competition among those seafood suppliers. Jo Gates, who was out buying shrimp, said, “Drive the price down. Absolutely, that’s what I want.”
Shrimpers believe that the additional waters can help their business.
Some want to take a piece of the business, and Biloxi, back to their homes. “There’s tourists down here that want to take back that souvenir. Like I said, I’ll package them in small packages for couples that I know and give them as a little ‘here, I went to Biloxi. This is kind of what I brought back for you to grill or fry and it’s fresh,’” said Gates.
Fresh and a taste of a piece of our Gulf Coast history, as these workers continue to live out this age old tradition on which the Coast was built.
For more details on the additional open waterways for shrimping, you can call the Mississippi Shrimp Information Hotline at 866-938-7295.

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