Active Shooter Training

Businesses on the Coast are making sure they are prepared for the worst. The Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce hosted a crisis management and active shooter training presentation in Gulfport this morning.
The featured speaker was the protective security advisor for the Department of Homeland Security.
He went through statistics on shootings in Mississippi, as well as how businesses can implement drills and plans in cases of emergency.
These topics are difficult to discuss,but an unfortunate reality in today’s world. Protective Security Advisor Max Fenn said, “The fact that these events sadly are occurring all over the United States, we don’t know where they’re going to occur next, so it’s incumbent upon all of us to be prepared for those types of events and know what to do in the concept of run, hide, and fight.”
This event was part of the Economic Vibe Program. The goal is to educate the business community on issues impacting national and local economies.

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