Active shooter safety training at Ocean Springs High School

School shootings are something no one ever wants to go through. It’s necessary to be prepared at all times.

Saturday, Acadian Ambulance and Jackson County Public Safety agencies teamed up with Ocean Springs High School drama club in active shooter safety training on campus.

More than 50 students simulated injuries while law enforcement secured the scene and allowed medics to help those in need. Everyone involved with the training wanted to bridge the gap from the injury to life-saving treatment.

The drills taught students what to do in this type of situation and how to communicate with medics and law enforcement. Acadian Ambulance Operations Coordinator Frank Duke said, “The takeaway for the students is first we are here to help. We are coming in fast and we are going to be here for you. They’ll learn today the importance of remaining calm, staying and doing what they are told to do by local school officials. They are going to learn that we are there to help them, but we are also going to help them help themselves in the event something happens.”

Some of the students told the officials it was an eye opening experience because the duration of time from the shooter entering the building to the medics showing up felt like forever.

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