Active shooter faculty training at Christian Collegiate Academy

Today Christian Collegiate Academy in Gulfport held active shooter preparedness training for all of its faculty and staff.
“It’s a huge responsibility for me. Four hundred plus kids in my care and I feel like their parents depend on me to make sure they are taken care of while they are here.” Principal Carol Roberts decision to host an active shooter training program comes as a result of last week’s Parkland, Florida school shooting tragedy that left 17 people dead. “Last week’s shooting did wake us up more.”
Faculty and staff gathered after school hours for an active shooter training program hosted by Dr. Tom Payne, an attorney at law and criminal justice and safety consultant. Payne says it is important to have a plan. He says being prepared will make it easier to take action during an active shooter situation, buying you time, which is crucial. “You need to be prepared. You can’t wait until the incident occurs to start planning on how you’re going to respond to it.”
Payne says keeping doors locked can be one of the main steps in preventing a tragedy during an active shooter situation. “Locking doors disrupts his focus and anytime you can disrupt their focus then they revert to panic and they no longer have their plan. You can take advantage of that.”
Faculty and staff at Christian Collegiate Academy are now more prepared to face an active shooter situation. English teacher Jauna Georgien said, “It makes me feel more prepared as a teacher because I want to do everything I can do to protect the kids I’m entrusted with.”
“It’s our goal to make sure, you know, if that, God forbid, does happen here that we are prepared to do everything we can to keep them safe.”

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