Abused and Neglected Dogs Flood Jackson County Animal Shelter

In an emotional plea from the workers at the Jackson County Animal shelter, they’re begging the public to be kind to animals.
In the past week, at least 10 pets who have been severely neglected or abused have made their way into the shelter.
Animal advocates tell News 25 it breaks their heart to see how people are treating these helpless animals and are pushing Mississippi to catch up with states around the nation to enact stricter animal cruelty laws.
Maridee Mallette with the Jackson County Animal Shelter said, “I think it’ll take a while. I’ve been here four years and I thought I was making a big difference and they just won’t quit coming. So we’ve got to do something. It might take a while, but if we start one day it will get a little better, it’s got to. When people bring in animals that are injured like that and we take them and surrender or we find them in somebody’s house we need to press charges against them. They need to face fines and jail times.”
In addition to animal cruelty laws, advocates would also like stricter spay and neuter laws to cut down on the overcrowding shelters face on a daily basis.
Jackson County Animal Shelter workers say you can help by fostering these animals in the shelter.

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