Absentee Ballot Glitch in Harrison County

A software glitch caused an extra absentee ballot to be sent out to a few people who already cast one in Harrison County. Election officials tell News 25 it will not affect the election tomorrow.
A viewer called News 25 with concerns that she had received two ballots and when we reached out to Circuit Clerk Connie Ladner she said that an issue occurred with the system for twenty minutes last week that caused an additional ballot to be generated when someone would cast their vote in the office.
After the problem was recognized, they pulled a majority of the extra ballots, but Ladner says two or three may have slipped through the cracks. She says they have a system in place to ensure no vote gets counted twice. “Fortunately when they come into the office and they vote, they’re checked in that they voted so if the ballot went out and the person tried to vote and send it back in, it would not be allowed to be checked back in because they would have already been checked in as voted in person. It’s sort of a double check, I guess you could say,” said Ladner.
Ladner says they’ve received nearly 6,000 absentee votes this year, compared to about 4,000 for the last presidential election.

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