Abandoned hotel in Jackson County declared a ‘menace’

One step closer for an eye sore to be torn down in Jackson County as officials declare the site a menace to public health and safety.
The abandoned Howard Johnson Hotel was severely damaged in a suspected arson back in 2012. The federal portion of the case is over with, giving the supervisors the green light to vote and declare the property a menace in the county.
Supervisor Troy Ross tells News 25 they hope to see the building come down within the next three months, but still have financial obstacles to solve. “The cost is greater than what we’re allowed to spend per year, but we’re going to go ahead and budget this fiscal year that ends this September and do it again next fiscal year. So, we’ll be able to bring the building down and then it’s going to be a matter of figuring out how to ship it off and dispose of it because that’s where the real cost is going to happen.”
The burned and destroyed Howard Johnson Hotel sits off Washington Avenue right off the Ocean Springs exit on the interstate.

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