A car covered in Christmas lights brightens spirits in Gulfport

Christmas may have passed, but the holiday spirit still illuminates hearts throughout the Coast.

Christmas light displays are coming down this week, including one that’s been on a roll since the start of December.

“It’s just wholesome to see people’s reactions and stuff like that and see people really happy.” You can’t miss seeing Gulfport resident Trinity Naylor when she’s on the road. She’s decked out her Mercedes for the season. “I saw it on TikTok then somebody in Louisiana did it, too.”

Since decorating her vehicle, it’s received plenty of attention. “A lot of people take pictures. A lot of people hop out and grab candy canes and many ask to take pictures in front of my car.”

The project cost Naylor about $250. For this project, she bought a giant red bow for the front of her car, garland for the frame, candy canes to hang in the back, a 100-watt inverter that connects it to USB, and quite a few boxes of lights.

For safety, Naylor avoids driving at high speeds and chose colors not used in hazard communication. “I did pink and cool white because you don’t want safety colors and no flashing lights either because that’s illegal.”

She’ll keep the lights on until new years. She loves seeing how happy it makes the people around her and plans on decorating her car again next year.

Beautiful, but sometimes inconvenient when it’s time for Naylor to get in and out of her vehicle.

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