A Plaza Party Makes Noise at USM

Just because hitting the books is a big part of school that doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun, especially this week at the University of Southern Mississippi.
Students jammed out to music, took photos in the free photo booth and enjoyed some free food at a plaza party on USM’s Gulf Coast campus.
The event was part of the “Welcome Week” festivities. The week is an opportunity for students to find out where things are and learn how to get involved on campus. USM senior Pepper Ginder said, “It gets you involved in a fun way. It’s not all school and books and labor and cumbersome. It’s fun. I have been going to USM for two years now. I graduate in December and I am going to miss this. I am totally going to miss this.”
“Welcome Week” lasts until Friday. Students can check out a full list of activities at usm.edu.

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