[Graphic Content] Men Involved with Cat Abuse Video get Jail

Two men involved in the video of a cat being tortured were sentenced in Jackson County this morning. Both will do jail time, pay fines and serve community service hours at the animal shelter. This report contains video that some views may find disturbing.
A cat doused in boiling water, trapped in a cage, and tortured: this video is why two Moss Point men will spend time behind bars. Justice for Animals Campaign in Mississippi Director Doll Stanley said, “You’re seeing a live living creature suffering in agony while people are making a party out of it. It’s a game?”
In a courtroom filled with animal rights supporters, Laderrick Rostchild was sentenced to six months in jail, 200 hours of community service at the animal shelter and a $2,500 fine. His uncle, Larry Rostchild, seen kicking the cat in the video, will be locked up for 30 days, pay a $1,000 fine and spend time at the Jackson County Animal Shelter. Private defense lawyer Cameron McCormick said, “There’s a lot of pressure on the court, a lot of pressure on the city. We knew they would come in hard.”
Before dying from its injuries, Moss Point authorities found the cat suffering burn-related injuries feet away from the house where the video was recorded. “Some of his claims to me were outrageous. Trying to prove that this wasn’t a domesticated cat because it might have been feral,” said Stanley.
The video was originally filmed on Snapchat and then shared hundreds of times on different social media platforms. That’s how the Facebook group formed supporting the cat. Creator of Facebook page ‘Justice for Cat Abused in Moss Point’ Courtnie Lee said, “We just started a page, basically in remembrance of the cat, just to bring it to everyone’s attention. It didn’t matter if it was someone’s cat. It was an animal, a living breathing thing.”
The cat received its justice with Laderrick receiving the maximum possible sentence for abusing an animal in Mississippi.
Karmen Coleman, accused of filming the video, has pleaded not guilty.

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