1996 Cold Case arrest

Cold cases often remain unsolved for decades and sometimes they are never solved. A family left searching for justice, a murderer walking freely. For today’s Wanted Wednesday, investigators in Columbus are shouting for joy at the resolution of a two decade old cold case search.
Authorities arrested 52-year-old David Murray and charged him with capital murder in the 1996 stabbing death of Mack Fowler. This is one of a string of five unsolved homicides in the mid-90s involving the death of elderly people in the town. Fowler was found dead that year in his home behind Propst Park.
Members of law enforcement interviewed a number of people in the case and Murray’s DNA was taken later when he was under arrest for a felony in 2015. That led to a hit on a national database and investigators built the case from there. Columbus Crime Lab Director Austin Shepherd said, “There were some possibilities there for retesting. So, I worked with the Mississippi State Crime Lab. We resubmitted several of those and were able to develop a really good DNA profile. Really, it comes down to those guys in the past that did their job on the crime scene and then of course to the Mississippi Crime Lab.”
Mandatory testing in felony arrests started in 2015. Police would not say if they believed Murray is connected to the other four homicides from the mid-90s or if anyone else could be arrested in this case.

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