9/8 – Brittany’s “Not Quite as Cool” Thursday Evening Forecast

We could see some lingering showers and thunderstorms this evening. Heading into tomorrow, an upper low will be completely closed off at this point and meandering around south Louisiana. It should be deeper at this point, which will both likely support higher rain chances but also keep temps down below normal (the 2nd effect of its local presence). There`s a low chance for some localized flash flooding as training will be possible but the threat doesn`t appear to be particularly high at this point.

Moving into the latter half of the weekend, an upper level trough  will be dropping out of the High Plains down into the mid Mississippi Valley. At the same time, the upper low that`s been sitting over the local area will be weakening while being absorbed by this approaching upper trough. A cold front associated with the trough will be moving south across TX, LA, and MS. Some showers and storms are expected to develop ahead of this boundary and impact the local area. Coverage looks to be less than previous days as PW`s aren`t quite as high. Additionally, instability doesn`t look overly impressive but sufficient for thunderstorms.

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