9/30 – Rob Knight’s “Amazing Friday Afternoon/Weekend” Forecast

We could not ask for more pleasant weather heading into the 1st weekend of October. It has been breezy and dry with the minimum relative humidity dropping from near 40% to as low as 25% during the afternoons.

A very broad area of high pressure at the surface is in control from the Great Lakes south-southwest into eastern Mexico. The combination of that surface high and Ian is continuing to lead to the gusty northeast winds over the region but as Ian pulls north into SC and NC the high will weaken and slide north in response. That will lead to the pressure gradient relaxing and that should help to relieve some of the fire weather concerns as winds lighten over the land areas. Temperatures should be a touch warmer this weekend as dew-points expected to remain relatively unchanged.

Slow moderation of temperatures will begin this afternoon and through Saturday before we see a weak reinforcing shot of cooler and drier air with a backdoor cold front.

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