6-Year-Old Sells Bracelets to Help Refugees

Who says you can’t change the world? One six-year-old in Gautier is doing just that by selling homemade bracelets to raise money for refugees living on the Gulf Coast. News 25’s Katarina Luketich introduces us to the big-hearted Lydia-Kate Jordan.
Changing the world one bead at a time, that’s what Lydia-Kate is doing. She is selling bracelets with beads she makes out of school newsletters or homework papers. “We are selling them for refugees to donate to Dwell. Dwell is a service and it helps refugees get jobs,” said Lydia-Kate.
As we’ve seen internationally, hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the Middle East because of the Syrian conflict. Most are heading to Europe but some have made their way here to the Gulf Coast. Lydia was touched by their struggles. “If it was raining, what would you have to protect you? I mean, your house doesn’t have a roof and half of your house is broken. I think it’s hard to keep shelter.”
A number of refugees from countries like Iraq or Syria attend Lydia’s church. Hearing their stories is what inspired her to start this bracelet fundraiser. Lydia said, “They had to walk two whole countries to get to the United States of America.”
Lydia started just a few months ago but has raised almost $2,000 to help others start a better life. “It makes me feel very proud of myself that I’m raising so much for refugees to get jobs.”
She’s not the only one proud of her big accomplishment and even bigger heart. Her mother, Kim Jordan, said, “Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes because I get so excited that a six-year-old is changing the world. It makes me think I need to step up my game and do more.”
Lydia tells News 25 she’s been drawn to the refugee cause since she was four and plans on continuing to string bracelets or do whatever else she can to help those looking to make their way in our land of the free.
Lydia is selling bracelets from $10 to $15. If you’d like to make a donation to Dwell or mail in an order for a bracelet, you can send them to Dwell Mobile P.O Box 82154 Mobile, Al 36689.

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