6/20 – Rob Knight’s “Hot & Humid” Monday Morning Forecast

The main story will become the heat again after today. That’s not to say today won’t be hot just not when compared to the next several days. Within the framework of the short term, today will stay just below heat advisory criteria but no doubt a few locations will hit it. A heat advisory will likely be needed for Tuesday through the rest of the week.

A sea breeze will get initiated around noon along the Mississippi coast and this should help get some thunderstorms started will inland this afternoon/evening. A few of these may be able to keep going after dark but for the most part, this activity will dissipate with the exception of marine showers/t-storms. This should basically repeat again Tuesday but maybe farther west along the coast of SE LA.

A blocking high-pressure will remain through much of the week over the central part of the nation. The center of this high pressure will meander throughout Arkansas, LA and TX through the end of the week. Afterwards, this high will begin to flatten out north to south, this will cause the high to build back toward the SW CONUS by the end of the week through the weekend. Guidance continues to give this year hottest temps to come Thursday as the map may be littered with 100s that afternoon/evening. Next week will bring changes and open the area to a more normal distribution of summer showers/t-storms and somewhat cooler temps over the area.

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