More than 50 days since last high school games: MHSAA spring seasons canceled due to COVID-19

More than 50 days have passed since the last high school baseball games on the Coast, two of which took place at the Battle at the Beach at MGM Park.

In the days that followed, we’ve seen seasons get suspended and then later canceled altogether for not just baseball, but softball, golf, tennis, track and field, powerlifting, and archery.

Those sports don’t get a rain check despite efforts to slowly reopen the state of Mississippi.

Governor Tate Reeves says he can relate to the anguish during these hard times. “We are revising it to change the restriction on social gatherings to allow for outdoor gatherings only of up to 20 people. That should be a large enough group to let kids get out and swing a bat or kick a ball or shoot a basket in the sun with their teams.”

June 1st is the next possible date high school teams could get together for summer workouts during the off season.

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