5 Star Nutrition in Gulfport offers In-Body Machine to help with fitness goals

5 Star Nutrition in Gulfport has a gadget to help keep you on track with your fitness and health goals this year.

The In-Body Machine gives you a full break down on your body fat, muscle density, and how many calories you can burn naturally.

The store offers this to everyone for free and recommends you come in every two weeks to keep up with your progress.

Along with the results, team members can also customize a free plan to help when it comes to nutrition and supplements.

The store helps their customers not only focus on staying healthy for the new year, but try to keep it going in the future.  5 Star Nutrition General Manager Landon Kencht said, “The main focus is what really makes up the weight. So, when you are seeing you are losing a little bit, you’ll be like ‘hey, everything is looking great’ or you’re gaining weight ‘why am I not seeing progress like I want to.’ You could be gaining muscle, but still losing body fat at the same time. To actually see the numbers on the machine and find out what’s really going on keeps your motivated and that drive there.”

The store is also offering a transformation challenge that offers store credit every time you lose fat or gain muscle. 5-Star Nutrition is located next to Chick-Fil-A in Gulfport.

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