4 Shootings Occurred in Moss Point over the Weekend

The Moss Point Police Department is investigating shootings that took place over the weekend. All four were reported within 24 hours of each other.
The first shooting occurred on Saturday night at a car wash near Pearl Avenue. The suspect from that shooting is in custody and the victim is still in the hospital.
Police aren’t sure where the second shooting occurred, but that suspect has turned himself in.
The Moss Point Police Department tells News 25, the last two shootings are connected but they have very little information on them.
Moss Point Police Chief Art McClung said, “Nobody is talking on that shooting. We’re asking the public to help us. Help us, help them. We need their help as much as they need our help. Being quiet does not bring people to justice. We’re building a trustworthy police department. I know there were some areas where people didn’t really trust Moss Point. Every day, I’m building that trust. So, if they trust that I’m going to do the right thing and protect them, then I believe they’ll start talking.”
If you have any information regarding these two shootings, contact the Moss Point Police Department at 228-475-1711.

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