37th annual Biloxi Seafood Festival

The 37th annual Biloxi Seafood Festival brought a celebration of seafood heritage to the town green for some good family fun.

The long standing tradition of the Biloxi Seafood Festival is something that people from all over the Gulf Coast come out to be a part of. Scarlet Pearl Gumbo Team member Anna Dumont said, “It’s great that the city comes together the way they do and I mean we get people all the way to the end of Mississippi to Pascagoula and they come just to be here. It’s just nice to see how many people show up to these events.”

BJ Creswell, like many others, loves to come out to the Biloxi Seafood Festival and celebrate the traditions that come with it, like the gumbo championship. He has been the head chef of the winning Scarlet Pearl Gumbo Team for two years now and he loves the competition and the festival. “I’ve been participating in the gumbo championship here on the Coast for probably 12 or 13 years. It’s just fun. They got all the different booths out there you can buy stuff. You see a lot of talent from all of the people around the Gulf Coast, whether its wood carvings or just things they create at home with bottles or whatever.”

The festival lets people remember the rich heritage that Biloxi has with the seafood industry all while having good family fun. Biloxi Chamber of Commerce Director Rachael Seymour said, “Biloxi was the seafood capital of the world at one time. We just want people to remember that. We’re celebrating our 37th year. I can remember the day when there were shrimp boats coming up to the beach fronts with seafood factories unloading and processing and so we want to remember that. We always have great Gulf fresh shrimp here and it’s just a great time for the family.”

Seafood is deeply rooted into what makes the Gulf Coast so special and it turn makes this festival one to never miss out on.

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