34th Street Wholistic Gardens holds field day event

Those looking for education in the art of gardening went to 34th Street’s Wholistic Gardens and Education Center’s Field Day today to learn about the basics of gardening.

The cold weather didn’t stop master gardeners and beginning gardeners from gathering at the 34th Street Wholistic Gardens and Education Center in Gulfport to get their hands dirty learning about the lost art of gardening. Director James Franklin said, “We’re going to teach about propagation, seeds starting. We are going to build a box and fill the box and plant the box.”

The 34th Street Wholistic Gardens and Education Center was created to provide access to healthy, affordable food, and to educate the community about health and nutrition. Volunteer Pat Sharpe said, “The wonderful thing about 34th Street is that everyone can participate. The garden plots are a reasonable size. There isn’t anyone who can’t be out here and work a little soil.”

Sharpe says she watched her grandmother garden as a child and as she got older realized the importance of gardening and growing her own food. “We should all be giving back and helping our gardens thrive. Plants are the only reason any of us are here. If we lose plants, we are gone as a species.”

Many people think plants only grow during the warmer months, but things like cabbages, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli thrive in the cold weather. “We normally only have two or three days at a time of cold weather and only a couple of those a year. So, as long as we take care, cover our plants. When you feel like you have to cover your pipes, then cover your plants at the same time.”

Those interested in joining can rent a plot for $25

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