3/31 – Rob Martin’s “Yay It’s April” Thursday Night Forecast

A northwest flow has plummeted humidity and cleared out the skies. We’re back to cool nights and seasonable, sunny days in the short term. This will put us down into the 40s tonight (average is low-mid 50s for this time of year), and into the low to mid 70s Friday. It’ll be closer to 50 for lows Friday night. Pleasant condition will continue through Friday before high-pressure moves SE allowing for the next system to move in.

The trailing end of this system will linger along the north central gulf and crawl back into the northern Gulf late Friday night. As it does so, another cold front from the NW will aid in pooling the Gulf moisture back into the region.
This will allow showers and perhaps a weak thunderstorm to drift north toward our coastline late Saturday morning, and any rain that materializes will be limited to our coastal counties then. There is still some doubt as to how far north this gets, and we could still escape the weekend without any rain at all.

But, this would not be an impact rain, and not a severe thunderstorm scenario. Either way we’re looking good for Sunday as afternoon temps warm to the upper 70s with some 80+ readings inland.
The next thunderstorm would be next Tuesday, and as of now this doesn’t look severe, although it could be quite wet that day. A warmer/more humid pattern sets up next week as well, with highs getting into the lower 80s by Wednesday.

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