3/28 – Rob Knight’s Monday Midday “Workweek” Forecast

A pleasant afternoon with a few clouds and plenty of sunshine. Fog will be a factor the next few morning but not in every location and may be patchy dense. The next system will move through the region mid-week. There will be some activity ahead of the main line Wednesday most likely over southern Mississippi especially coastal Mississippi. But these showers will be developing in a strongly capped region and won’t be problematic.


A cold front moving through Wednesday night will bring the threat for severity. Of these numbers with respect to heavy rainfall, TORNADIC ACTIVITY and STRONG WINDS will be possible. Rainfall rates could be high enough that any slower moving cells could cause a few poor drainage areas to flood. All modes of severe weather will be possible including tornadic activity along with strong winds from downdrafts. The line should enter the region shortly after noon arriving in the Baton Rouge area around 4pm, New Orleans 7pm, Gulfport 9pm and exit the area around midnight Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

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