2nd Annual Avenue of Flags Honors Fallen Heroes

Black soldiers nicknamed Buffalo Soldiers, fought and died in every great American war, including the Revolutionary War. But somehow, surviving Buffalo soldiers feel like their memory is sometimes forgotten.
One former Buffalo Soldier was on hand at the Second Annual Avenue of Flags Ceremony in Gautier to make sure their memory lives on.
Abe Sherrod is a former Buffalo Soldier and everywhere he goes, a history lesson comes with him. He reminds everyone he speaks to; Buffalo Soldiers were an influential force in the settling of our country: “Without the protection of the Buffalo Soldiers and keeping the Indians at that that, they were very hostile, in check, they may have never had a safe passage.”
It was those Native American’s that gave the Buffalo Soldiers their name. It’s now Sherrod’s duty to make sure him and his fellow Buffalo Soldiers are not forgotten. He said, “The goal of my chapter, Chapter 41, the greater Mobile-area chapter, is to promote, preserve and perpetuate the memory of America’s forgotten heroes.”
Buffalo Soldiers were just one of the many fallen heroes memorialized during Today’s ceremony. The 2nd Annual Avenue of Flags Ceremony remembers fallen soldiers by dedicating a flag to each one. The event organizer got the idea when he dedicated a flag to his father in his hometown in Iowa. Paul Mohning, American Legion Post 1992, said “it was so touching; I knew that I had to bring it back here. And get it started here.”
Last year’s ceremony featured 9 flags being dedicated. This year 14 flags were dedicated for 14 fallen soldiers in wars ranging from World War II to the War in Iraq.

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