25 Teams in 25 Days: Resurrection Catholic Eagles

Of all the schools on tour for News 25’s 25 Teams in 25 Days, no one scored more points in week 1 than Resurrection Catholic.

The Eagles are still flying high under Head Coach Scott Sisson coming off last year’s run to South State in the class 1A ranks.

It’s a normal week of practice at Resurrection Catholic and that’s a good thing for a team with perfect attendance. Head Coach Scott Sisson said, “What’s amazing to me is not a single kid has missed practice yet.”

Even dating back to summer workouts that dedication to the process is already expediting the learning curve for an Eagles team replacing 15 seniors with 13 freshmen. Quarterback Jacob Galle said, “Well, that’s definitely important. Cause with the amount of young people we have, if someone goes down or someone needs a break they’re always ready to step in and do what we need them to do. And that’s important, especially as we get later into the season.”

“It seems like the kids are biting into it and they’re here every day tired, wore out. I couldn’t ask for a better group of kids.”

High praise for a 2018 squad, stepping into the shadow of last year’s South State roster with some pretty high expectations of its own. “We talked about that as a coaching staff, and that season is over and gone and done with. This is a new group, literally a new group. So back in the summer we started from scratch, ground zero if you want to call it.”

Right Guard/Defensive tackle Jack Sisson said, “Oh, we really want to taste it. We may only have eight seniors, but every one of them seniors gives it their all and they play both ways. And those young ones are giving it just as hard as we are, and they know what it takes.”

Resurrection put that youth to the test in its season opener and came away with a 51-45 victory over Perry Central, the highest week one scoring output of any team on the Gulf Coast. “Well, 51 is pretty cool.”

“Well, a lot of people told me after the game and said, Coach, I’m so surprised. We had no idea ya’ll were going to put up those kinds of numbers, and even win the game for that matter. And I told them, you’re not as surprised as I am.”

The element of surprise might be gone, but the Eagles weren’t trying to keep it a secret. “I think we proved that some people might have been expecting us to have a down season, but I think we’re here and we’re ready to make some noise and do our thing.”

“1A Resurrection still has got something left. And I think we shocked some teams out there cause they thought we had a lot of seniors leave last year, and I don’t think they’re ready for us.”

Resurrection will hit the field again at 7 p.m. on Friday for a home game versus Chickasaw out of Alabama.

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