$23 million construction projects in Biloxi

While construction is underway for both the Watermark and the Hilton Inn, $23 million dollars’ worth of construction will add businesses, hotels, and restaurants to the City of Biloxi.

Two hundred and eighty-four building permits were issued to start a variety of projects in the city. Biloxi is also working to put a pedestrian crosswalk at the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor. The crosswalk will allow easier access for tourists to go to the casinos from the harbor.

After a fun time at the casinos, tourists can take a trip to a new Waffle House. The Waffle House will be elevated and fit the architectural standards because it will be in the historical district. Biloxi Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard said, “Did you know that the Waffle House here in Biloxi across from the casino is the number one selling Waffle House in the entire United States? That’s pretty impressive. I guess that’s why they decided to put a second one here.”

The county is paying for the bond that funds the $2.4 million pedestrian crosswalk.

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