Keeping track of school illnesses


One South Mississippi elementary school is heating up its efforts to keep students from feeling under the weather.

Quarles Elementary School in Long Beach is one of a dozen schools in the state currently participating in the ‘FLUency Program.’

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Over 200 families at the school currently participate in the program and are provided with free smart thermometers by Kinsa.

Parents can use the Kinsa app to keep track of what illness is going around in their kids’ schools in order to take precautions with their child’s health.

The app also allows them to report illness symptoms and consult with the school nurse. Quarles Elementary School Nurse Karen Dykes said, “I can let parents know I’ve got 20 kids in first grade that have strep throat and that gives, when that child is complaining about their throat or maybe a headache or something like that, the parent can go ‘hmm, there’s 20 kids out there that already have strep throat.’”

Including the 12 Mississippi schools, more than 1,400 schools nationwide are participating in Kinsa’s ‘FLUency Program’ this flu season.