Budweiser Clydesdales visit the Coast


We have some celebrities on the Coast this week, but they are not what you might think.

Clydesdales have been the iconic face of Budweiser beer for over 80 years. Everywhere they go, they draw a crowd. They are here on the Coast this week.

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Shawn Donaldson is visiting South Mississippi from St. Louis and he said it is a top priority to see the Clydesdales. “It’s been on the calendars for weeks. I knew we were going to be here and they were going to be here, so we just had to do it.”

For the next several days, the Clydesdales will be making their rounds in several parades around the Coast, but getting these horses show ready is no easy task. Handler Lauren Lambeth said, “Everybody has to be clipped and then a full body wash and everyday that they show they do get groomed and the white feathers on their feet will be washed.”

Sparky is a 13-year-old Clydesdale and he’s one of 10 that will be parading around the Coast this week. He’s also the oldest of the pack and you’ll see him leading the hitch. “They’re really excited to meet the crowds. They love to show off in the Mardi Gras parades and everything like that. So, the louder the crowd gets the more excited the Clydesdales will be.”

These horses bring more to the Coast than just a fun show. They help stimulate the economy and bring in money for local businesses. Anna Roy with Coastal Mississippi said, “This kind of visit from such an iconic symbol is going to bring people from around the region to come see these beautiful horses and just join in on the festivities.”

The beautiful horses will be on the Coast until Saturday. For a complete list of locations to see them click here.