Working outside in the cold


If you’re lucky you haven’t had to spend much time out in this cold weather, but many don’t have a choice.

All you have to do is walk outside to know it is cold out, but those who work outside for a living say these temperatures can feel brutal.

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Day after day, thousands of people around the Coast work outdoors, despite the weather. Michael Bentley works as a welder at Louis Smith Construction in Gulfport. “I never know if I’m here at the shop or I’m out in the field somewhere what the weather is going to be like because it always changes from time to time on us, this Mississippi Gulf Coast weather.”

Bentley says the way he gets through the cold days is pretty simple: when it comes to clothes, more is better. “The best thing I can say in our line of work is to stay busy and get the blood flowing, it keeps me pretty warm. I always end up coming into work with a lot of clothes on and end up shedding them throughout the day.”

David Eisman also spends his days working outdoors at Louis Smith Construction. He says even though it’s cold outside it is still important to stay hydrated when you are completing physically demanding tasks. “Well, you definitely have to be prepared, drink lots of water, even though it is winter time. It’s just like summer time, you still get dehydrated. So, I always drink lots of warm coffee, stuff like that.”

Louis Smith Construction President Karen Smith says to keep her employees safe and healthy when the temperature drops she remembers the acronym COLD. “C for covered, keep your clothes on and covered. O for overexertion, L for layers of clothes, and the D is to keep dry.”

If you are going to be outside for an extended period of time, don’t forget your hat, gloves, and coat.

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