Popp’s Ferry Elementary students spread cheer with song


We’re only days away from Christmas, but today some elementary school students got a head start on spreading holiday cheer.

Spreading holiday cheer, one Christmas carol at a time! Fourth graders at Popp’s Ferry Elementary School sang classic Christmas songs to the residents at the Pillars of Biloxi. Fourth grader Jaydyn Mejia said, “We’re trying to make people happy who don’t have much family members that can come over and visit them. Even the people who don’t, we just want to make them happy for Christmas.”

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This has been a holiday tradition for many years. It’s something residents at the Pillars always look forward to. Josephine Duckworth with Pillars of Biloxi said, “When we tell them the kids are coming, ‘oh, what time are they coming?’ ‘They’re coming today.’ They always bring us Christmas gifts, always, they never come empty handed and it’s such a blessing for them. It just really makes their day.”

The students also look forward to this event and practice their Christmas carols for months before the big performance. Fourth grader Brenden Williams said, “I saw smiles on their faces. So, it made me feel really good about doing this.”

Selina Coakley, the music teacher at Popp’s Ferry, says this day is about more than just singing, it is a great way to teach students about giving back. “I try to instill in the students in my class that especially when we sing we bring happiness to people who may not get a lot of visitors or who can’t go out into the community and hear and just so we can spread the Christmas cheer and spread joy to our community.”

Officials at Pillars of Biloxi say their residents love guests so if your group would like to volunteer to spread some cheer like the students you can contact them at 228-388-1805.


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