Real Men Wear Pink


‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ is just a few weeks away and men here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are kicking things off early with ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ Gulf Coast Reveal Event.

Prominent Gulf Coast men are taking a stand against breast cancer by supporting the American Cancer Society’s ‘Making Strides against Breast Cancer’ Walk by participating in the ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ campaign. ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ Ambassador Randy Richardson said, “We wear pink in the month of October and ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ and raising money for a cure is ultimately what the goal is.”

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For the rest of this month and throughout October, Richardson and the other ambassadors will host quirky fun events to raise money to find a cure. “I was blessed with a hairy chest so I’m going to shave my chest in the form of a bra on September 21st at Orangutans on Courthouse Road from 6 to 8.”

American Cancer Society Community Development Manager Courtney Anderson said, “We’re having a  great time making this fun. I put my heart and soul into this as well as these guys have. They are away from their families, their businesses, I mean, these guys are impeccable, amazing people.”

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime which means everyone knows someone or is someone impacted by breast cancer. “My mom was diagnosed in April, stage four breast cancer. So, she’s doing well, but doing treatment, but it kind of hits home a little closer now,” said Richardson.

“This cause for me is very, very important because not only is it cancer, but everybody is affected by something, family, relatives, friends, whatever, and by coming together and unifying I believe the solutions already in your heart.”


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