Harrison County Approves Fiscal Year 2020 Budget and Decreases Fire Insurance Rates and Taxes


Some people in Harrison County will save on their fire insurance rates while all Harrison County taxpayers will see a slight decrease on the taxes they pay on their homes, car tags, utilities, business fixtures and expenses, and rental properties.

This according to the county after the Harrison County Board of Supervisors Tuesday meeting, where they set the millage rate and approved the fiscal year 2020 budget.

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The proposed budget has a total projected revenue of nearly $116 million dollars, with the general fund coming in at about $70 million dollars, which is about one-and-a-half million dollars more than fiscal year 2019 in Harrison County.

County officials say this is due to a retirement match and 3 percent employee raise implemented in 2019.

There is no county-wide millage increase as the millage rate remains the same at 36.42 miles.

County leaders also say residents in some Harrison County fire districts will soon see a decrease in their insurance rates due to improved fire ratings.

The budget goes into effect on October 1st.