Construction and drainage on Biloxi roads


Crews are paving the way for the completion of Biloxi’s major road improvement project.

Known as the ‘north contract,’ construction has been underway in the city for five years to repair and improve 55 miles of roads in Biloxi.

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This project is in the home stretch with just six streets north of the railway waiting for their initial coat of asphalt and only three of them still need drainage work.

However, after yesterday’s heavy rainfall flooded the streets of Benachi and Division, city officials hope people remember one thing as road and drainage work continue. Vincent Creel with the City of Biloxi said, “Regardless of how effective our drainage system is we are still gonna have street flooding when we have a heavy rainfall at high tide. Whenever you have a heavy rainfall at high tide, you’re gonna see water backing up on streets and the reason for that is the water has no place to drain.”

Creel says they appreciate everyone’s patience and he hopes everyone keeps this in mind when living in a city on the water.