School bus safety


All last week schools rang their bells to bring their students back to the classrooms for the new school year. One way a lot of students get to and from school is the school bus.

In the Biloxi School District, drivers go through a thorough pre-trip inspection to make sure there is nothing wrong before going to pick up students.

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Once they are on the road, there is a ton of safety measures they take and each drive is unique.

One of the most important measures is signaling for students to cross in front of the bus who are waiting on the opposite side of the road. This shows the importance of other drivers stopping when you see those flashing lights.

It all comes down to you as a driver paying attention to the road and stopping for the bus. Biloxi School District Director of Transportation Ben Warren said, “The driver can do everything right, textbook perfect, but if a driver out there is not paying attention in the car then that is going to be a big accident. So the drivers have to be aware of what’s going on, especially pick up and drop offs, mornings and afternoon. So they have to stay off of their phones and be alert and look around at their surroundings to see where those bus stops are.”

Biloxi’s attention to safety has been noticed. Their bus shop is the only district shop in the state that is blue seal recognized with Automotive Service Excellence.