Day one of Saints Training Camp 2019


It’s that time of the year, Who Dat Nation, football is back. The New Orleans Saints opened up training camp today as they prepare for another Super Bowl run.

The ending to last year’s NFC Championship game was a hard pill to swallow, but Head Coach Sean Payton is ready to move past it. “This is a young, resilient team. We’re going to hit more adversity, shoot, that won’t be the last time.”

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There were zero signs of a hangover at day one of training camp for the Saints, who look to improve on one of their best seasons in franchise history.

The Who Dat Nation and even Pelicans number one pick Zion Williamson made their way to the Saints practice facility in Metairie for an up-close look. Fan Carl Moss said, “If I’m at a game, I’m way up there at the top. I can’t get close, but finally my work schedule and everything worked out for me this year and I made it out here and I just thank God that I finally get to see my Saints.”

Fans were able to get their first look at newcomers Latavius Murray and Jared Cook and all of the rest of their favorites. Following the day one action, quarterback Drew Brees described camp as an incredibly important process. “You obviously work very hard during the off-season on certain things, whether that be on your own and that transitions into OTAs and mini-camp, but here we are, training camp. This is where you really start stacking those bricks so to speak to build a foundation by you which you know, we’re going to be able to do great things this year.”

Now, the hot topic at day one of training camp is the holdout of Michael Thomas. While some fans are concerned, the players and Payton are not worried in the slightest. “Look, I envision that at some point they’ll get that number worked out and until then, we work on who is here.”

As for the fans, well, it’s fair to say that they want him back. “We got to pay Mike, for real. Whatever it takes, by all means possible, pay Mike.”

Training camp goes on until August 22nd. If you want to see the Saints, tickets are free. You can get those by visiting


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